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Anastasia Dolya Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.0
Free Medical Dictionary 1.0 is a searchable medical glossary, where one can find definitions in almost all fields and specialties of medicine. You can look up the necessary definition by means of the main search or of the alphabetical search.
The program also offers web search with the help of a built-in Google search. We can say that the biggest disadvantage is that the program can function only with the Internet connection. It is not possible to find any illustrations or examples on any term, as we can see in any other solid dictionary, only definitions. And if you wish to copy the necessary definition to use it as a quotation, you will find that it is not possible, as the information is protected by copyright of the dictionary, whereas the majority of dictionaries provide users with the option of copying providing that you indicate the source of your information. All you can do is only read.

The other thing that seems quite unexpected to us is that alongside with the definition of the searched terms we see the ads by Google and the banners, all related to medicine and health. Perhaps, Free Medical Dictionary will be useful for some medical researchers who need a free reference tool at hand. But as it needs the Internet connection anyway, some users might prefer surfing the net or special medical sites in search of the information.



  • Internet connection is required.
  • No copy or save function.
  • Poor ad-supported interface.

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  All comments (7)
  • 2
    Guest Last year

    The program's very useful for all, especially pharmacists.

  • 0
    Guest Last year

    It is very useful because many students need it.

  • 0
    Merry Perry 3 years ago

    It's sad that there are some disadvantages. All in all, it's helpful for students and pros.